Every Thursday we organize our famous Curacao evening which takes place at the terrace of the Bahia Beach Bar. You don’t want to miss this spectacular event. We want to introduce you to the traditional Curacao cuisine.

One Thursday we serve a delicious chicken and beef Stoba (casserole) with white rice, plantains, a variety of fresh salads, Pika and a traditional Curacao dessert. The evening is accompanied by the percussion band All Stars. This is an experience that you will surely not forget. The group consists of 25 young people, living all in Lagun, Knip, Soto and Tera Cora. A couple of years ago it was meant as a sort of joke, but now the group is professionally active and directed by Dertje. They are passionately playing every week and we are proud of them. Meanwhile, they have own performances also during the Carnival procession and various other festivities.

The following Thursday will be spent with our chief-cook Michel supplying a delicious BBQ. Michel has his own specialities which he likes to share with you. There are different types of meat, but there is also fish. Dradu is a toothsome fish which is prepared in a special way. In addition, we serve a delicious freshly made potato salad, French bread with garlic butter, sauces, and a dessert course, the Bahia sorbet. The musical part is done by the Trio Ekis. These men are able to enchant you with their music and songs, to make you fall even more in love…… of course with Curacao!

On the Thursday evening, our neighbour Chababa who lives next to the church of Lagun, is walking with his two horses to the beach. The horses love to go for a swim after a hot day. From the terrace, perhaps at dinner, you can watch them. Where else do you see swimming horses in a bay? That’s a very special event!

We want to be well prepared for both our guests and our employees. There is place enough for about 45 guests. We always use fresh ingredients and especially the Stobas need adequate preparation. Therefore we would like to know in advance how many guests we can expect and kindly ask you to make a reservation. Guests of Lagoon Ocean Resort will receive an invitation in time and can make their reservation at the bar or reception. If you do not like certain ingredients, or be a vegetarian, just let us know. You will receive an alternative dish.